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    A former Varsity Captain at Berkeley, Carlin is now playing soccer at the highest level available...
    A graduate of 2015, Franny Cerny's passion for soccer has always been evident. During her high...
    In a game where everything is unpredictable, one magical moment in the 75th minute felt simply...
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    Our vision.

    The Berkeley High Women’s Soccer program is a positive and powerful athletic experience, one where our young female athletes gain habits and values that will prepare them for life after high school, regardless of their vocation, goals, or achievements off the field. The program empowers strong, women athletes through the beautiful game of soccer.


    Please consider a contribution to the Berkeley High Women's Soccer program. Your donation will pay for essential equipment, travel, tournament fees, uniforms and more.



    We are pleased to announce our roster for the 2018/19 season.

    Varsity Team

    0 Nicole Fross Jr.
    1 Leah Freeman Jr.
    2 Tegan Wekwerth Sr.
    3 Charlotte Dierks Fr.
    4 Lucy Yama Sr.
    5 Jesse Snowber-Woakes Sr.
    6 Braelyn Wekwerth Sr.
    7 Julia Comacchio Jr.
    8 Rayna Carter Jr.
    9 Ava Zlatchin So.
    10 Sofia Brown Jr.
    11 Anabel Fredman Fr.
    12 Lilah Fraser Jr.
    13 Anna Kleinhans Sr.
    14 Talia Glass Jr.
    15 Kaia Brawer So.
    16 Simone Skiba Sr.
    18 LisaBeth Phillips Jr.
    19 Olivia Maturana Sr.
    20 Esme Segall Jr.
    21 Rocio Lybarger-Yanes So.
    22 Cristina McCarthy Sr.
    23 Eszter Molnar So.
    24 Roxanne Ferentz Jr.

    Junior Varsity Team

    00 Emma Rafael So.
    2 Safiya O'Brien So.
    3 Delia Falliers So.
    4 Meliya Soller So.
    5 Anjuna Mascarenhas-Swan Fr.
    6 Elizabeth Hall So.
    7 Clio Monrad So.
    8 Genevieve Quinn So.
    9 Kathleen Hall So.
    10 Haley Goetting Fr.
    11 Leila Mirza Fr.
    12 Minh Khai Spencer So.
    13 Eliot Mark So.
    14 Talia McCloy Fr.
    15 Anna Dua So.
    16 Jasmine Daniels So.
    17 Kaya Dixon So.
    18 Ariana Djemal Rukin So.
    19 Ava Sproul So.
    21 Emily Hornig So.
    22 Adella Kaufer So.
    23 Amelie Martin So.

    Freshman Team

    2 Beatrice Anstey Fr.
    3 Isabel Rubin-Saika Fr.
    4 Lily Kung Fr.
    5 Rachel Kopelman Fr.
    6 Tenzing Chosang Fr.
    7 Siena Cohen-Parikh Fr.
    8 Hazel Waters Fr.
    9 Cigan Valentine Fr.
    10 Celine Roubah Fr.
    11 Amina Hart Fr.
    12 Rahma Roubah Fr.
    13 Ruaa Abushareefh Fr.
    14 Soshana Goldstein Fr.
    15 Sophie Goldstein Fr.
    16 Raquel Clydesdale Fr.
    17 Madeline Dalton Fr.
    18 Anna Pelegrino Fr.
    19 Aurora Pope Fr.
    20 Anna Keaveny Fr.
    21 Arwen Bristol Fr.
    22 Adeline French Fr.
    27 Julia Thomas Fr.

  • COACHING staff

    Alejandro Mendoza, Head Coach

    Coach Alejandro, better known as Ale, has been coaching competitive soccer, since 2014, working with all age groups from grassroots to U19. Playing the beautiful game from the age 4, soccer has been the one constant that has been his passion. He now looks to use the game to instill habits and values while teaching life lessons that carry on both on and off the pitch. He holds licenses from the NSCAA and USSF. In his fifth year at Berkeley, he was promoted to Varsity Head Coach.


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